The Cast of Kids Play Gets Down To The Music of the 90’s

We asked the cast of Reese Thompson’s “WHORE: A Kid’s Play” to give us a list of their favorite songs from the 90’s. Choreographer Benjamin Rowan made a little mix tape and brought Matthew Bovee, Erin Margaret Pettigrew and Joy Donze into the rehearsal room. They made a little video.

“For me, dance and movement in theatre can tell a story that words can’t on their own,” says Playwright Reese Thompson, “In KIDS PLAY, it sorta works to map this perilous trajectory of adolescence. It’s also a way for the characters to carve out a space where they can express themselves (and their desires) without judgement from a world they’re only beginning to realize is hostile to misfits like themselves.”

Movement is very important in KIDS PLAY. “The physical life of Kids Play is like none other that I have encountered and lends itself to a highly devised and collaborative approach. Much of the underlying pain and irony that exists in the story is expressed through physical language as opposed to text which is unique to Reese’s work,” explained Director Margaret Grace Hee, “As a director  I am a firm advocate of cultivating an inclusive rehearsal environment where every participants ideas are valued.”


Set against a backdrop of small-town gossip amplified by social media, limitless shame, and the hell-fire of the confession booth, KIDS PLAY is a darkly funny account of the pressures to be both normal and exceptional in a world hostile to misfit girls and queer boys, when nothing is quite so momentous as friendship, nor so utterly monstrous as ourselves.

Jenn, 13, wants two things from God: 1) to be pretty, and 2) for Andrea to be her best friend. Jenn’s arch-nemesis, Patrick, dutifully preps for the Junior Regional Spelling Bee – though what he really wants is to dance. Meanwhile, Andrea, also 13, just wants someone to tell her if she’s still a virgin after those awkward encounters with Jenn’s douchey stepbrother over summer break.

Making their way through an obstacle course of double-standards, internalized sexism, and impossible beauty regimes, the three discover that what they need in life is an accomplice.


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