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Official Trailer: Shadows (5-7 December 2017, London UK)

OFFICIAL TRAILER. Bold with a fresh take on the problematic interplay of race, crime, family and culture in the United Kingdom, Shadows, a new theatrical play by Carguil L.G. Webley, explores the lives of 3 black inmates in a Birmingham UK prison. 5-7 December, 2017 – London, UK.

Shadows stars David Monteith (Topdog/UnderdogCop Killers and Benjamin Zephaniah's De Botty Business), who appears alongside David Ogechukwu Isiguzo (X&Y, Lyric Hammersmith; Transformers: The Last Knight) and Pharaon El-Nur (And Yet It Moves, Young Vic) with Troy Richards.

Shadows is directed by Kevin Michael Reed.

Tickets on sale at https://squirelane.co.uk/shadows/

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