SLTDEV: Invest In Theatre

Actor Tim Atkinson during a rehearsal for Version 2.0, February 2018.


A recent article in the Financial Times suggested, “Almost every producer needs investors.” In the same article, a producer said of theatre investors, “Without them, the commercial theatre is not a commercial prospect.” Both statements are true.


Each production that Squire Lane Theatrical produces is a separate entity that is capitalised on its own thru a limited recourse debenture. This is standard practice for Broadway, West End and touring productions. Running profits from productions are always paid to investors first until the total cost of putting up the show is paid back, and then any profits are split using a simple 60-40 formula: 60% to the investors, 40% to the producers. Minimum investments depend on the total capitalisation required, however, typically range from £500 per share (or unit) up to £20,000 per share (or unit).


Beyond the potential financial benefits, Investors are VIPs when it comes to our productions and its a lot of fun. Investors are privy to complimentary tickets to opening night, and other performances, invitations to open dress rehearsals, Advanced notice of investments opportunities in the future, first right to invest in future runs or iterations of the production invested in, invitations and exclusive behind the scenes access to the cast and crew, and, of course, opening night parties!

This website is not an FSA-Regulated document, it is an outline of a typical project.

Investing in theatre is risky, and not for everyone, but it sure is fun and you’re contributing to an art form that you love. Occasionally, we invite qualified investors to invest in our productions, please contact for more information.