Casts of SLT’s “13 & Not Pregnant” and “Kids Play” on the radio.

The casts of Squire Lane Theatrical and Baby Crow Productions’ “13 & Not Pregnant” and “Kids Play” will be on Radio Free Brooklyn‘s “Lost & Rewound” today (March 2, 2017) from 3PM – 4PM EST.

Today, they’re discussing the two theatrical pieces, as well as our upcoming “30 Going on 13!” event that will take place this weekend (March 5th) at Tilt BK Nightclub. For more information about the event, visit our Facebook event page at: or our recent press release.

Lost & Rewound can be found on Radio Free Brooklyn from 3PM-4PM EST on Thursdays. Listen to the broadcast as it airs here:

About Lost & Rewound. Elann Danziger is the brainchild behind the mid-90’s recording series “The Danziger Zone.” Over the span of three years while growing up in Woodstock, NY, he managed to record about fifty cassette tapes worth of this directionless drivel. Then he developed a podcast around this material with Doug Johnson in 2013. For about 3 years, alongside Doug as well as co-hosts Melissa Lloyd and the enigmatic Jimmy Hoffman, Elann successfully reached out to friends and strangers alike to contribute stories and audio findings that fell in line with the thesis: connect the dots between then and now.

Squire Lane Endeavors is a media & production company developing and producing socially critical and relevant stories for television, the big screen, the theatre and new media through its two subsidiaries Squire Lane Films and Squire Lane Theatrical.

Baby Crow Productions focuses on creating work that is accessible to a broad audience, provokes dialogue and inspires action. We believe art can influence positive change in the world.

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