Joy Donze appears at NYC Previews courtesy of Actors’ Equity. AEA Approved Showcase.

A One-Woman Show That Is
“Hilariously Poignant and Shockingly Honest!”


Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland
Mint Studio, Greenside @ Infirmary Street
Previews 4th – 6th August 2017 @ 20:50
Run 7th -26th August 2017 @ 20:50
(No performances Sundays, except 6 August)

Thank you for a great run.
Stay Tuned for new venues.

With 90’s musical dance tantrums, heartbreaking journal entries, and the severing of dolls heads, 13 & Not Pregnant presents the aggressively hormonal writings of a Midwestern US, nineties, pre-teen as she navigates her erratically evolving girlhood.

The entire show is verbatim entries from Joy Donze‘s 6th grade journal, massaged and spliced & diced in the rehearsal room with Director Mia Capotorto Sommese. The show is developed to be first and foremost universally entertaining. Beyond that, Joy Donze explains, “I wanted go back and explore this crucial pivotal time we all go through; Puberty. When we search within our tormenting selves and dare to ask….who am I?”

“I have seen my fair share of comedians this & Fringes past, few of which could match 13 And Not Pregnant for laughs – Joy Donze is absolutely hysterical. Here we see two time-divided Joys – the teenage archivist & the accomplished adult performer – segued together into theatre of unadulterated & contraputal perfection…”

– Damo, MumbleTheatre.net


The Company

Joy Donze

I am a queer identified actor, storyteller, solo performer, and producer. I received my BFA in music and theatre in Kansas City MO, and then I moved to New York in 2009. The city has been my number 1 love ever since.

I have a profound love for traveling and have done quite a bit of it. In 2009 I toured with a traveling choir all throughout Italy and was chosen as a soloist at Saint Peter Basillica. I also studied music abroad in Vienna Austria and was able to travel all over Eastern Europe.

I did my first international tour in 2011 with Artspot Entertainment, based out of Buenas Aires. We toured plays in English in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Chile. After traveling and gaining a wider perspective of humanity I felt it was the right time to go back to graduate school. My focus was on new original work so I auditioned and was accepted to the New School for Drama in New York where I met all my favorite collaborators.

After graduating I became associate artistic director of BabyCrow Productions, a NYC/Chicago based theatre company that produces socially and politically responsible work and looks for an opportunity to give back to a partnering organization that focuses on the cause that each show we work on explores.

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“This is a double feature EVERYONE should see! has created 2 amazing plays about teenage life
– @Panto-WHAT?!, via Twitter

“13 and Not Pregnant’ . All men should attend. It’s an education. Joy’s diary should be education policy.”
– Will Teller, via Twitter

“Easily one of my top Fringe picks! Ever been a teenage girl? Ever wanted to know what it feels like to BE a teenage girl? This show is perfect. Hilarious and smart, it’s 45min of sheer teenage manic energy with astounding heart. Kudos to Joy for throwing all of her considerable energy and talent into a truly phenomenal show.”
– Emilie D, via EdFringe.com Audience Reviews

“Saw @squirelanefilms Joy Donze, a hilarious show which uses verbatim diary entries to poke fun at teenage life – go see it! #greensidefamily”
– Les Siege of Herons, via Twitter

“So this is real life, & that’s what makes it beautiful… Watching Joy is like driving down an empty motorway on a summer’s night, in the fast lane, with your full beam on, listening to some bangin’ tunes. For the whole show!”
– Damo, MumbleTheatre.net

“Hilarious poignant and shockingly honest!”
– Karen Ludwig, Solo performer

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard for the entire duration of a show. Go see Joy Donze! SO FUNNY”
– Daniel Kwiatkowski, The Hollows

“What a fab funny funny show. Go see her!”
– Richard Mazda, Executive Producer, The Secret Theatre NYC

“13 and Not Pregnant was both hilarious and honest. It lovingly takes a journey back to a time where EVERYTHING matters. Young Joy thinks she knows everything, but the audience can laugh and relate, because we know she knows nothing.”
– Pamela Wess, Filmmaker

“This show is amazing! Funny and heartfelt. Go if you can. GO. Like seriously.”
– Lorne Svarc, Playwright

Director's Notes

13 and Not Pregnant is, at its simplest, a  coming of age story about a teenage girl from the Midwest, but more so, it unveils the truths and wisdoms within the 12-year-old mind of Joy Donze, who in this piece recounts the panic stricken and right down whimsically horrible hormonal and emotional  discoveries we all go through as we blossom into teenage-hood as we learn to love others, identify enemies, and understand ourselves.

When Donze first sent me the script, she attached portions of the original text, written in bold faced colorful pens in her preteen handwriting. The emphases were true to those moments in time, and it was as if the play was more of a photo-album than and memory of her youth. I knew from first glance that this was an honest piece and a daring one, and that Donze was not hiding a single thing about her personal experience from audiences: the sharing of one’s diary is a therapy of sorts, and I was taken with her bravery and surely was along for the ride.

For those of us that had diaries growing up and even for those of us that didn’t, you will recognize the logic and ever changing wisdom of preteens which are preserved in her writing – the play is a series of snapshots in real time, which although it wasn’t that long ago so perfectly captures an era that feels so nostalgic already. Her heart is tender but strengthening, her humor is dirty and weird and also so childish- her mood swings are that of every blossoming teenager, and she is ready to share her talent show performance with us all.

To stage the show was simple: put Donze in a slightly stripped down version of a 90s bedroom, equipped with household chairs that she grows in and out of, and let her diary speak for itself. When we put it up in New York, it was important to us both to work with the original text. She copied her exact entries and we reshaped the structure and choreographed some song and dance to go along with her too-perfectly-90s references. The play is just a narrative of her life and her growth, and it’s been a blast to rehearse and relive her teenage dreams, and also nightmares. The piece should be bold and seen through the lens of bubble letter captions on all of our Five Star notebooks: this play is about a girl turned teen and reveals the pain and agony of growing into some semblance of adulthood, which we all should remember is no easy transformation.

Mia Capotorto Sommese
Director, “13 & Not Pregnant”

Production Photos

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Rehearsal Photos

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