Kevin Michael Reed


Kevin Michael Reed grew up on the stage stepping into roles in musicals and straight plays that others have written, playing the significant other in ballets with dance companies throughout the North Eastern United States, and designing (lights and sets) for several productions as well. After an injury, and a self-examination, Kevin left the theatre to pursue corporate jobs. He landed in account management at advertising firms before realizing that “the creative” was the only. Upon returning, He spent 19 years as a successful fashion photographer which allowed him to study people and relationships. With an intense need to tell his own stories, He began writing, producing and directing for film and returned to designing lights for several theatre companies in New York and Connecticut. He now sits in a foreign city, London, exploring his passion for writing, being a flâneur of sorts, while working on a MA in Creative Writing (Playwriting and Screenwriting) at City, University of London.

Kevin’s varied experience in theatre, film and photography has all been the backstory for his latest pursuit of capturing real people in socially relevant stories with a passion for looking in on the lives of those not talked about, the situations that are hard to talk about, and the relationships that can’t be talked about. “As theatre-makers, as makers of media, I believe we have a responsibility to open people’s eyes to worlds that they have never been introduced to.”