Squire Lane Theatrical, Inc. develops and produces socially critical and relevant stories for the stage to provoke dialogue and inspire action on 21st century issues facing our world.

Squire Lane Theatrical, Inc is a division of Square Lane Endeavours, Inc, a Delaware (US) corporation with resources in New York City and London UK.

We live in a period of history where media surrounds us and ideas get lost in five hundred channels of television. Print advertising in magazines and posters on the subway are drowned out by the latest Apple-manufactured, internet-connected device proliferating our ears, our eyes, our minds.  On a daily basis, interests and opinions are swayed by false information wrapped in beautiful new media packaging, where the semiotics of language and imagery become even more important than ever before.  We use our platform and talents to bring ideas and stories to the masses through the use of media, traditional and new, and the stage, traditional and experimental, and explore methods of breaking through the clutter that surrounds us to touch hearts and minds.

Our goal is to capture real people in socially relevant stories with a passion for looking in on the lives of those not talked about, the situations that are hard to talk about, and the relationships that can’t be talked about. As theatre-makers, as makers of media, we believe we have a responsibility to open people’s eyes to worlds that they have never been introduced to.